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Hands, touchin hands
Reachin out
Touchin me
Touchin you

Sweet caroline
Good times never seemed so good
Ive been inclined
To believe they never would

Neil Diamond, Sweet Caroline

Yes, those lyrics are about the young Caroline Kennedy, apparently. Is it just me, or is that just a bit creepish?


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The NYT writes about a recent string of vandalism against famous works of art in museums across France, including the Pompidou Center and and the Musee D’Orsay.  In the latest attack, vandals broke into the Musee D’Orsay and punched a four inch hole in Monet’s Le Pont d’Argenteuil (below).

It is disturbing to me that serious attacks on priceless works of art like this have been allowed to continue for over a year in France unabated. Culture Minister Christine Albanel  has proposed steeper penalties for individuals who “attack the history” of France (a man who took a hammer to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ had his prison term suspended). Though one wonders what good that even does when one can break into a monolithic museum without detection and then get away without being arrested, as is the case with the most recent vandals.

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This story perked my interested because of a previous post I wrote about firefighters and gays. This one involves a case near Bristol, England where a group of firefighters used the fire equipment to bust a group of four men having sex in a public park. The firefighters were later suspended and fined for being homophobic.

This story reeks of PC bullshit. Further, it really makes me question the state of the gay rights movement. There are some in the ‘movement’ who are pushing for marriage equality and there are others who don’t want to be arrested for having sex in public. You lose a bit of moral ground when you’re simultaneously arguing for both. I sincerely hope the movement takes more the direction of the former.

That being said, I do believe it is wrong that these firemen overstepped their authority in conducting this raid. While sex in a public park is illegal, it is the police department’s job to carry out actions like this. We all should be against public officials abusing their authority, regardless of the situation.

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From AP:

The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary offers coursework in Greek and Hebrew, in archaeology, in the philosophy of religion and – starting this fall – in how to cook and sew.

One of the nation’s largest Southern Baptist seminaries, the school is introducing a new, women-only academic program in homemaking – a 23-hour concentration that counts toward a bachelor of arts degree in humanities.

The program is aimed at helping establish what Southwestern’s president calls biblical family and gender roles.

The required course work includes Orientation to Homemaking, Biblical Model for the Home and Family, Nutrition, Value of a Child, Meal Preparation with Lab, and Clothing Construction with Lab, among various seminars and independent studies.

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Emile Steiner blogs on conservative Florida State Representative Bob Allen, who was arrested last month for attempting to solicit oral sex from an undercover (male) police officer in a public restroom.

According to Project Vote Smart, Allen received an over 90% approval rating from the Christian Coalition in 2003-2006. Allen has also been a strong supporter of anti-gay initiatives and was a sponsor of a bill to strengthen Florida’s laws against public sex. And just for additional comical relief, Rep. Allen’s Florida House webpage lists “water sports” as his recreational interest.

Wow, I might almost feel bad for this guy if I could get over the hilarious irony.

update: I thought it couldn’t get any better but then I saw tonight’s Daily Show and learned Rep. Allen is also the state representative for John McCain’s presidential campaign. Stewart was hilarious by the way, still looking for a clip of the show.

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The Christian Post ran a story on America’s Pro-Gay Culture and Its Effects on Iraqi Christians. Apparently, the acceptance of gays in the US is creating great hardship for Iraqi Christians.

I love how the religious right blames gays for the plight of the Iraqis without even mentioning that most Iraqis live in fear of getting blown up by Islamic terrorists and insurgents everyday, and don’t even have reliable sources of energy, food, water, and medicine–all because of the US’s unnecessary and disastrously executed war.

Blaming gays first isn’t really new, unfortunately. The religious right loves to blame gays for the destruction the “American family” without even considering how straights have done a fine job ruining marriage themselves.

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Here’s a fun video clip of the shouting match that occurred last Thursday in the House after a Democratic maneuver that effectively denied the Republicans their win over a procedural motion which would ensure that illegal immigrants would not get benefits from an agriculture spending bill. Full story here.

Looks more like the British House of Commons than the US Congress.

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